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Workshop Information Guide


Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) 2022 Symposium Organising Committee, we invite you to submit a proposal to conduct a workshop to be run in conjunction with the 25th ANZFSS International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences being held 11 – 15 September 2022 in Brisbane. The theme of the Symposium is ‘Forensics: Designing the Future’ and we aim to offer an invaluable opportunity to share knowledge, network and develop ideas through a range of pre- and post – Symposium workshops for delegates, as well as with the strong scientific program.

The following information has been prepared to assist you in the preparation of your workshop.

Donna MacGregor, Organising Committee Chair
Andrew Stanley, Scientific Chair


For any queries regarding the workshop submission process please contact:

Renee Bennett
+61 8 9389 1488


Workshop Organisation

Important Dates and General Terms


Important Dates

28 February 2022 Deadline for submission of Workshop proposals
March 2022 Outcome of Workshop submission advised
31 March 2022 Details of workshop placed on Symposium website for registration launch
30 April 2022 Deadline for Workshop Facilitator to decide if workshop will proceed
1 August 2022

Deadline for organisers to supply venue with minimum guaranteed number of participants


General Terms

The “Organising Committee”: ANZFSS 2022 Organising Committee
The “Facilitator”: Workshop Facilitator
The “Symposium” ANZFSS 2022 Symposium
The “Website”
Encanta Event Management Professional Conference Organiser (PCO)



Workshop Organisation Quick Guide



Workshops may be conducted Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2022 prior to the commencement of the Symposium on Sunday evening.

Alternatively, workshops are available to be held following the Symposium on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September.

FUNDING ANZFSS 2022 will be unable to provide funding for workshops. However, any revenue collected from participant fees will be forwarded to the Workshop Facilitator (or nominee) following the deduction of fees associated with catering, room bookings, management fee, etc.

Details of your workshop proposal will be included on the ANZFSS 2022 website. Any participants wishing to register for workshops can do so during the standard symposium registration process. They can also amend their original registration details at a later date to include any workshops.

Should you require a separate registration site be produced by Encanta this will incur an additional charge for the site of $550.

Workshop attendees that are not registering for the Symposium will be charged a per person registration fee of $33 and includes a name badge.

FEE COLLECTION Fees to attend the workshop will be collected along with symposium registration fees by Encanta Event Management, our Professional Conference Organiser.
MANAGEMENT FEE The cost associated with the management of the workshop (website promotion, participant registration, fee collection, venue booking) is a flat rate of AU$350 Inc. GST per workshop.
PROFIT DISTRIBUTION All profit from the workshops will be distributed to the Workshop Facilitator (or nominee) at the conclusion of the symposium. The Workshop Facilitator is responsible for nominating an organisation or individual to receive the workshop profits. In the event that a workshop runs at a loss, any outstanding amount will be invoiced to the Workshop Facilitator (or nominee) at the conclusion of the symposium.


VENUES When the final number of participants is confirmed, the Conference Organisers will provide you with a range of suitable venues (and associated pricing). The venue options will ensure your AV, technical, and capacity requirements are met. Specialist venues (laboratory space, courtroom etc.) beyond meeting rooms at the Symposium venue are the responsibility of the Workshop Facilitator to arrange. As a guide in preparing your workshop budget below is an indicative fee schedule:

The following meeting rooms at the Symposium venue (Brisbane Hilton) have been tentatively booked for workshops.


Room 81 / Room 82

32 Theatre style
24 Cabaret
Cost: $600 GST per day

Meeting Room 83

48 Theatre style
40 Cabaret
Cost: $800 per day

Victoria’s Room

100 Theatre style
56 Cabaret
Cost: $1200 per day


  • Projector and Screen – $394
  • Audio/Sound System with PC Audio connection lectern/mic, radio mic – $430
  • Laptop – $251
  • Contribution to labour for set up and assistance (compulsory): $300


·       Tea Breaks start from $12 per person

·       Lunches start from $42 per person


All workshop proposals must be received and approved by the ANZFSS 2022 Organising Committee. A decision on whether the workshop will proceed must be made by the Workshop Facilitator by Monday 2 April 2022. This will enable both Workshop Facilitators and workshop participants to finalise travel arrangements.


Once a workshop is confirmed, the registration will remain open until the workshop is full or until advised by the Workshop Facilitator. However, minimum guaranteed numbers are required by the venues by 1 August 2022. As the Workshop Facilitator, you must bear the risk of the workshop not proceeding or operating at a loss.

AUTHORITY TO APPROVE The ANZFSS 2022 Organising Committee reserves the right to not proceed with a workshop proposal. After the deadline for workshop proposals, Workshop Facilitators may be contacted to discuss options for co‐hosting workshops with similar proposed content.


Terms and Conditions

General Information

  1. The Facilitator must submit final details of the proposed workshop to Encanta Event Management (PCO) by 28 February 2022.
  2. The Organising Committee reserves the right to not approve a workshop proposal.
  3. The Organising Committee will not be providing any funding to the Facilitator of the workshop.
  4. The Facilitator may select the venue for the workshop, subject to availability, and approval by the Organising Committee.
  5. Workshop details will be placed on the Symposium website by 31 March 2022.
  6. The Facilitator will receive regular email updates on the number of workshop participants registered for their workshop/s.

Workshop Organisation Fees

  1. Encanta Event Management will coordinate the website promotion, workshop registration and fee collection processes. A management fee of AUD$350 Inc. GST per workshop will apply for this service.
  2. If the Workshop Facilitator elects to have the PCO arrange a venue, catering or printing of material for the workshop, fees outlined in the Workshop Information Guide or communicated in writing by the PCO will apply in addition to the fees mentioned in point 7 above, depending on the venue, catering or printing requirements.

Workshop Cancellations

  1. A final decision on whether a workshop will proceed must be made by the Facilitator and communicated to the PCO in writing by 30 April 2022.
  2. If the workshop does not proceed due to a lack of participants, the management fee will not be charged.
  3. If the workshop is cancelled by the Facilitator for any other reason than that mentioned in point 10 above, the management fee will apply.

Profit Distribution

  1. All profits from the workshop will be distributed to the account nominated by the Facilitator within eight (8) weeks of the conclusion of the Symposium.

Participant Information

  1. Workshop participants do not have to be registered delegates of the Symposium, however, non-delegates registering for workshop(s) through the Symposium website will be charged a delegate fee of AUD$33 Inc. GST. Facilitators are able to accept additional participants if they wish to do so. In this case, and if catering is organised through the PCO, it is the responsibility of the Facilitator to communicate the total number of participants to the PCO. In the event of limited capacity workshops, preference will be given to workshop participants who are registered delegates of the Symposium.
  2. In the event that a participant who has registered through the Symposium website is unable to attend a workshop, they may nominate another person to attend in their place, provided that the PCO is informed of the identity of any such attendee no less than one week prior to the relevant workshop date.
  3. In the event of a participant cancellation, the following fees will apply:

Before 30 April 2022 $100 cancellation fee (or the workshop fee if <$100)

Between 30 April & 9 August 2022 50% refund of workshop fee

After 9 August 2022 No refund

  1. In the event a workshop does not proceed due to a lack of numbers, a full refund of the workshop fees will be forwarded to the participants within eight (8) weeks of the conclusion of the Symposium.
  2. Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that at the time of registration and travel booking an insurance policy of your choice is arranged. The policy should include loss of fees/deposit through cancellation of your participation in the Symposium or workshop, or through cancellation of the Symposium, loss of international/domestic air fares through cancellation for any reason, loss of tour monies through cancellation for any reason including airline or related services strikes within Australia, failure to utilise tours or pre‐booked arrangements due to airline delay, Force Majeure or any other reason, medical expenses (including sickness and accident cover), loss or damage to personal property, additional expenses and repatriation should travel arrangements have to be altered. The Organising Committee cannot take any responsibility for any participant failing to arrange their own insurance. Insurance should be purchased in your country of origin.
  3. The Organising Committee cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from attendance at any workshop.

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