Dear ANZFSS members, friends and colleagues,

The clock is counting down to the 25th International Symposium of our society.  After four years apart, we will soon be meeting in Brisbane to catch up with old friends, swap stories and make new connections. 

As Chair of the organising committee, I am proud of the continued efforts of the committee.  With so many unknowns over the past few years, we have had our share of doubts about whether our symposium would happen.  But through the dedicated efforts of the committee and Renee and her Encanta team, we will be together again very soon. 

An event like this is not possible without the support of the membership, the discipline chairs and their subcommittees, and the exhibitors and sponsors. So, a large debt of gratitude goes out to everyone who has supported us behind the scenes to make this symposium possible.

As a proud Queenslander and long term ANZFSS member, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Brisbane in September.  I look forward to seeing you soon at the Hillton Brisbane.


Donna MacGregor,
Chair, ANZFSS 2022 Organising Committee.
Forensic Services Group, Queensland Police Service


Early Bird Closes: 22 July 2022
Standard: from 23 July 2022 onwards


Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Navigating the Depths: The Heart of Escort-Client Interaction

In the nuanced sphere of escort-client relationships, the heart of the interaction goes far beyond the surface-level exchange of services for compensation. This unique dynamic, often shrouded in misconceptions, is rooted in mutual respect, clear communication, and the understanding of boundaries. By exploring these foundational elements, we can gain insight into the intricate dance that defines the escort-client interaction, shedding light on the professionalism, emotional intelligence, and genuine human connection that characterize these encounters.

Mutual Respect: The Foundation of Trust

At the core of any positive escort-client interaction lies a foundation of mutual respect. This respect is multifaceted, encompassing acknowledgment of the escort's professionalism, understanding of personal boundaries, and appreciation for the emotional labor involved in providing companionship.

Acknowledgment of Professionalism

Recognizing the professionalism of escorts is crucial in fostering a respectful interaction. Escorts offer a range of services that require skill, emotional intelligence, and often, a deep understanding of human psychology. Clients who approach escorts with an appreciation for their professionalism and the complexity of their work are more likely to establish a rapport based on mutual respect. This acknowledgment not only elevates the quality of the encounter but also reinforces the escort's role as a skilled provider of companionship.

Understanding and Respecting Boundaries

Central to the concept of mutual respect is the understanding and respecting of boundaries. Clear communication about expectations, limitations, and consent prior to and during the interaction ensures that both parties feel comfortable and respected. This dialogue is essential for maintaining the integrity of the relationship, allowing the client to enjoy the companionship within a framework that safeguards the well-being of both the escort and the client.

Clear Communication: The Path to Fulfillment

Effective communication serves as the conduit through which mutual understanding and satisfaction are achieved. Articulating desires, preferences, and any specific requests clearly, while remaining open to feedback, creates an environment where both parties can express themselves freely and without misunderstanding.

Articulating Needs and Desires

The ability to articulate one's needs and desires clearly is instrumental in shaping the encounter to meet the expectations of both the client and the escort. This transparency allows the escort to tailor the experience, ensuring that the services provided align with the client's wishes while staying within their own comfort zone. Such open communication fosters a sense of collaboration, making the interaction more enjoyable and meaningful.

Listening and Adaptability

On the flip side, listening attentively to the escort's feedback and being adaptable to their guidance is equally important. Escorts, with their experience and expertise, can offer suggestions that enhance the encounter, making it more pleasurable and satisfying. Clients who listen and adapt based on the escort's input demonstrate respect for the escort's knowledge and experience, further solidifying the foundation of mutual respect.

Emotional Intelligence: Connecting Beyond the Surface

The heart of the escort-client interaction often involves a level of emotional intelligence that enables both parties to connect on a deeper level. This connection, rooted in empathy and understanding, can transform the encounter into an experience of genuine human connection.

Empathy and Understanding

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is a key component of emotional intelligence in the context of escort-client interactions. Escorts often excel in empathizing with their clients, offering not just physical companionship but emotional support as well. Clients who reciprocate this empathy by recognizing the escort's emotional efforts and responding with kindness and appreciation can deepen the connection, making the experience more rewarding for both.

The Role of Emotional Support

The provision of emotional support is an often-overlooked aspect of the escort-client dynamic. Many clients seek the companionship of escorts not just for physical intimacy but for emotional connection and validation. The ability of escorts to provide this support — to listen, offer comfort, and validate the client's feelings — is central to the heart of the interaction, creating encounters that resonate on a deeply personal level.


The heart of the escort-client interaction is complex and richly layered, built on the pillars of mutual respect, clear communication, and emotional intelligence. By navigating these elements with care and understanding, both escorts and clients can engage in encounters that transcend the transactional, offering experiences of genuine connection and mutual satisfaction. In recognizing and valuing these foundational aspects, we can appreciate the depth and professionalism inherent in these unique relationships.

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